Red Cherry Shrimp Care

How do I make sure my water conditions are optimal for Red Cherry Shrimp?

Keeping conditions suitable for Red Cherry Shrimp is an easy task once you have a properly setup aquarium. There is a wide range of parameters that they will tolerate, ranging anywhere from a pH of 6.2-8.0 and a temperature of 65-80 °F. While each of these ranges has an ideal medium, the most important part of keeping your shrimp happy is maintaining steady conditions. Rapid or frequent changes in your aquarium, even within acceptable ranges, can cause your shrimp to deteriorate or die due to stress! A water change of roughly 20% monthly will be sufficient to keep the water fresh enough assuming there are no other outstanding issues. When you swap in new water, be sure to treat it with dechlorinator first, and siphon in the new water gently (do not dump it all in it once).

How do I feed my shrimp?

Red Cherry Shrimp are omnivores, feeding mostly on tiny organisms and algae in your tank. Often, the algae found in an aquarium will be sufficient in feeding a small to medium group, although occasionally giving your shrimp a treat is recommended. Shrimp favorites include zucchini, spinach, carrots, and lettuce but – make sure to feed your shrimp small servings each time! Placing more vegetables in the tank than your shrimp can handle in a few hours will almost certainly interfere with water parameters, and rotting food can wreck havoc on your aquarium. You can also purchase high nutrient prepared shrimp food to boost the growth and immune systems of your shrimp.

Care is simple – don’t overfeed or overpopulate, maintain water conditions stable and within recommended ranges, and keeping your Red Cherry Shrimp colony will be a breeze!