Beginner Aquarium Plants

Why keep live plants in a shrimp tank?

There is something magical about creating your own little self-supporting world of plants and vibrant shrimp. While a plantless tank is great for beginners, the aesthetics of a tank with plastic/imitation plants will pale in comparison to a lush aquarium with growing and moving plants. There are a variety of plants that will thrive in the same water conditions as your Red Cherry Shrimp – alongside their visual benefits, live plants help to regulate the conditions inside the tank, make the process of cycling faster, and boost shrimp survival rates!

What are the easiest plants to start with?


  • Java Fern – This is a popular choice for beginners as it requires essentially no care and can spread like wildfire in the right conditions. To plant the fern, you simply have to use a thin line, whether it be fishing line or a string – and gently tie the roots of the fern to a decoration in your tank such as driftwood or rocks, then let it grow!


  • Java Moss – Java Moss is the best way to grow a “carpet” or lining of greenery for your aquarium. Simply place it on the bottom of your tank, and leave something with a bit of weight on top to hold it down. These plants will thrive under many conditions but note that if you want rapid growth, setting up an LED light is recommended.


  • Dwarf Baby Tears – Another “carpet” style plant that serves as a way to layer your aquarium, it is best thought of as an alternative to Java Moss – just hold it down and let it grow. Which plant you choose is up to your personal preference.


  • Amazon Sword – Most planted tanks have foreground and background elements, with more focus being placed on certain plants. Amazon Sword is the most commonly chosen foreground plant for beginners. A hardy plant with beautiful leaves that grow fast, it is definitely the best choice for someone looking to make their tank look more “full.” These things can get huge – up to 20 inches tall, so trimming may be required every once in a while.

How do I keep my planted tank healthy?

Using any of the plants listed above will ensure a beautiful tank that can be kept with little to no additional maintenance. There is no big secret to keeping a good looking crop of plants, just maintain stable Red Cherry Shrimp water parameters, and these beginner-level plants will thrive! Simply secure any of these plants to something solid in the tank, and wish them luck in growing healthily. It’s really that easy.