Keeping Red Cherry Shrimp

Welcome and thank you for visiting our blog! Keeping freshwater shrimp may seem like quite an involved task at first, but just about anyone can set up their own thriving aquarium. Before we get into specifics, let’s note just a few of the many reasons why someone may want to keep shrimp.

  1. Shrimp add a unique aesthetic to any home. Keeping fish is a relatively common hobby, but not many people know how beautiful a well kept shrimp tank can be! Many people find themselves pushing the boundaries of their creativity to make a perfect home for their shrimp.
  2. It’s mentally healthy. Studies have found that watching aquarium activity lowers blood pressure and stress levels, and the satisfaction that comes from caring for your own colony (and watching their often play-like behavior) can be for many, therapeutic.
  3. Bonus: Why Red Cherry Shrimp? Red Cherry Shrimp (RCS) are one of the most popular freshwater shrimp, and for a good reason. They are active, they breed easily, and they are very adaptable and hardy – not to mention their vibrant color! Perfect for beginners, Red Cherry Shrimp make, or complement, any tank (and room!) well.

Now, let’s take a dive into what a gold standard beginner’s shrimp tank looks like.



When purchasing your live shrimp, it’s more important here than anywhere to shop with an established vendor. It’s easy to pick what looks like a cheaper option and wind up with a package holding poor-health or even dead shrimp. The smart move here is to buy it nice and not buy it twice. Aqua Huna’s Red Cherry Shrimp 10 Pack boasts great reviews from myself and others and unlocks breeding opportunities if desired- note that when planning, you should be shooting for 1-5 Red Cherry Shrimp per gallon of water.

Recommended: Red Cherry Shrimp 10 Pack

Tank, Heater, Filter

Of course, the essential part of your aquarium setup is the tank itself. Most hobbyists use a 5-10 gallon tank for getting started with shrimp, however large (50+) colonies should be held in 20+ gallon tanks.  To keep your shrimp comfortable, you’ll need a heater able to maintain a water temperature between 65 – 80°F, although 72 – 76°F is the optimal range for Red Cherry Shrimp. To keep their habitat safe and clean of debris, it is essential to use a sponge filter for your tank, as traditional larger filters can trap or kill your shrimp.

Recommended: 10 Gallon Tank, Heater, Sponge Filter


The substrate is the material that will line the bottom of your tank, and can play a larger role in your success than most expect.  An active soil such as Fluval Stratum, which is sourced from mineral-rich volcanic areas, will work to keep water parameters and bacteria ideal, while holding the door open to an excellent environment for live plants if you’re interested.

Recommended: Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum                                                    

Further Reading

Keeping Red Cherry Shrimp can be a very rewarding hobby – following the guide and recommendations above will assure you start off with the right idea. Once you feel like you have a solid understanding of the equipment needed, be sure to check out our other guides on cycling your tank, caring for your shrimp, and keeping live aquarium plants.